My Wallpaper collection with Hygge & West

My first licensed collection has officially launched!!!

That definitely deserved three exclamation points, ha.

It is so fun to see a design become a real life thing, a you-can-buy-it-and-put-it-in-your-house-or-wear-it-product. This is the first time that my name will be attached to a product I designed, and I am beyond excited that it is a wallpaper line. I wrote a list of products that I wanted to design when I became an independent designer, and wallpaper was numero uno. It was also the one thing on the list that I thought would never happen. There are so few companies that make modern wallpaper. What were the chances that I would get to work with one of them? Not very likely. I am so pleased that Hygge & West (numero uno choice in the numero uno category of wallpaper) wanted to work with me! Christiana and Aimee are awesome, and I am feelin pretty lucky today. Check out Hygge & West to see my whole collection, and my friend and fellow SCAD Fibers alumni, Emily Isabella's new collection too. 

(all images from Hygge & West)