Surtex: Mother of all Shows

Last week was Surtex, the show of all shows for surface design, and I was so glad to be able to show work there with my new artist rep. It was unexpected and a little last minute, but such a great surprise and dream-come-true exciting. I only had a few days to design some new work, and though most of the new patterns were florals (my favorite to draw) I also had nautical on the brain. Joseph and I had been counting down the days until we were to leave on vacation for my friend Paige’s wedding back home in Florida. It was a really fun week, and I think Okie had the most fun out of all of us, as usual. She loves playing in the waves on a little island near my parent’s house. I find that a lot of what I draw, when I push past my first inclination to draw florals or damasks, is related to whatever I am doing in life. When the royal wedding festivities had me glued to the TV, I drew a lot of tea cups and cakes. If the Real Housewives of Anywhere (and everywhere, I watch all of them, let's just be real) start influencing my patterns, I might be in trouble. Deep, deep trouble.