Seasonally Confused

Did you know that repeat pattern designers, and really anyone who is designing much of anything, is working on products a year in advance? This isn't always the case, but very often that is how it works. So, if I want to design a new wrapping paper, it will take a year for the client who buys my design to get that paper on the shelves in a store. That means the designing and buying season for Christmas artwork for 2013 is right about now, or even earlier. That really surprised me when I first went to work at a design firm, and even now it can be a little strange to be drawing snowflakes, like I was doing yesterday, and then walk outside into the August weather. By the time Christmas finally comes around you can be a little Christmas-ed out. As everyone is just getting into the spirit, you are still seasonally confused since at this point, you are now drawing Spring flowers. It's for sure a little strange.