Study Hall Collection

All the UGA kids are back in Athens, and as usual, I discovered this in the Target parking lot. The same thing happened last year and the year before. Move-in weekend means everyone and their mom is cleaning Target out of every last roll of paper towels, and the stress of it makes me really glad I've stopped moving in and out of dorms. One thing I do miss about school is the vast amount of supplies that must be bought. So I drew some! I was really curious to see how these watercolor washes would print on fabric, so I ordered a swatch off of Spoonflower, and the washes turned out really great. 

This pattern of stacks of books is another one that went with this collection, my favorite one in the group, and then below that is the whole collection, in the girl colorway. When I worked in an office designing home textiles, the veteran designers used to tell us how they hid words and symbols in those huge woven tapestries that used to be so popular in the '80s. The people who bought these (pretty expensive I think) tapestries never knew that skulls or initials were woven into the roses hanging over their sofas. I always loved that :)