Comments, what comments?

Yes, I created this image just to say, Yikes! Sorry if you are one of the kind few people and friends who read my blog and commented on something. I would have written back, only I had no idea anyone had commented! I struggle when it comes to learning new technology, hard people. I struggle hard. I am one of the five people on earth who do not have a smart phone (gasp!) Mostly because I don't want to spend the money on one when I sit in front of a giant mac all day with access to all the internet I could possibly want, but also because I would then have to learn how to use said smart phone. Learning Photoshop and Illustrator was so frustrating and anger-inducing, for me and for the people who taught me too. Kasey, you are a patient soul! Anyway, thanks for commenting. I'll be writing back, if I can figure out how :)

P.S. I painted this parrot ages ago and never did anything with him, but now that he is so trendy being the Pantone color of the year and all, maybe I need to use him.