*I'm challenging myself to draw a food related pattern or illustration every weekday for the next two weeks! and thanks Bettina for the photos!

I have another food illustration for you, finally! I had really hoped to post a new one every single day as part of my challenge, but whoa, that is not happening. Friday, some of my girlfriends wanted to help me do some "research" for this little project, so we went out and had a bagel-centric and delicious lunch downtown. I thought I would draw something based on what we ate, and I started to do that, but it just wasn't working. I wasn't happy with any of it. Coming back to the computer over the weekend to start over a few times, I finally decided to try some hand-lettering. I like how some of it turned out, and some of it I'll redo if I send it to my agent for licensing. I also want to try some more color combinations. 


Isn't this quote lovely? I'd never heard it before. It is so very true. Thanks for Friday lunch, friends! It was of more worth than hoarded gold for sure :)