Done and Done

We installed some wallpaper this weekend, and it turned out so pretty! I ended up changing my mind and wallpapering the second smallest wall in our house. This space gets better light, and it's more prominent in the house. It took more paper, but you only live once right? (sidebar: Am I maybe the only person ever to YOLO about wallpaper? I'm ok with that) I also changed my mind about which paper to use once I decided on the living room instead of that hallway. I really wanted to use the floral, but it will just have to wait because none of the colorways I have right now would have worked in there, and I just couldn't wait any longer!

Want to see? Let me take you step by step...

First we had to measure and cut two lengths of the paper, which was best left to Joseph, for everyone's sanity...

Then you roll the glue on.


After that you "bookend" it, sticking the paper to itself for a few minutes. Joseph said this was to relax the paper. picture of this a few down Then you start gluing it to the wall, working the air bubbles down and out with a bondo spreader thingie (technical term-ish). This was the fun part. Somehow it is strangely life-fulfilling to spread out the air bubbles while realizing hey, this is going to look nice!


Then you gently clean any stray glue off with a damp sponge. By the way, have you noticed yet that Jos is 6'2 and I am 5'2? I forget I'm so short until I see photos like this or I see myself in the mirror at the gym next to people of normal heights. It's jarring. Anyway...


And then we were finished! TADA! Fun, right? 


Then of course... the obligatory and inevitable baby corgi photo bomb. That girl is all over it.


We followed Blueprint's (rest in peace, you lovely magazine you) instructions, but we really only needed what was printed on the the very succinct Hygge & West label. It wasn't hard to install at all, but I shouldn't even begin to explain if it was difficult or not because my mechanical engineer husband made it look really easy. Once, it took my friend Sarah and I three hours to set up one of those white tents for a craft fair, and it would have taken Joseph twenty minutes, tops. Engineer, I am not, my friends. Thanks for following along. I hope you like the end result! I love it, and I keep finding myself just staring at it's metallic wonderfulness.