Dwell feature + more

Hey look, the Carved Ogee wallpaper is featured in Dwell this month! So very cool. Seeing things in print just does not get old. Speaking of magazines, Hygge & West has an ad in Anthology this month featuring the polka dot wallpaper in burgundy. I love the styled shot they used for the ad a lot. We drove in to the choas of amazing shopping that is Atlanta just this weekend, but I didn't get to hit up Anthropologie, where Anthology is sold. A travesty, I know. If I could live in a small college town and have an Anthro, I would be a very happy girl. Oh, and the beach, and all my friends and family, and my church in the same place too. Maybe too much to ask for :)

Oh, and Hygge & West's bog, Picnics under the Moon, explained a bit more about the issue if you'd like to see that too.