Today I am busily prepping for a photo shoot with my lovely intern Lucy. She has some photography experiance and a fun personality to boot, so I am excited. Thank God I have her to help because I woke up yesterday with a mostly bum arm. I can barely move it in any direction. Yesterday I was sewing the pillow in the photo above, and I kept forgetting that I can't use my left arm at all. I would cry out each time I reached with my hand to pull the turn the fabric to sew a new side on the machine. Ridiculous! 

I printed the fabric from Spoonflower and made a simple enevelope pillow cover out of it. Here's a photo of the fabric before I cut it.

I was thinking, "What would a pattern for a baby anthropologie look like?" I'm sure they will be launching that brand any day now. Actually now that I think about it, I'm kind of surprised they don't have baby stores yet. Well, here's my spin on that anyway. I'll update soon with photo shoot pics!