Food Pattern Challenge: Apples

*I'm challenging myself to draw a food related pattern or illustration every weekday for the next two weeks!

Last Food Challenge post! I love clean texture like this in patterns. My polka dot wallpaper for Hygge & West has two different kinds of cross hatching. The kind of texture I made for this apple pattern is very 50s to me. It automatically gives you lots of color variations too. Did you notice this post was supposed to happen on Friday, my actual last day of the food pattern challenge? I got a few work requests, so everything else had to come to a stand still. Being busy is a very good thing as a freelancer, so I am not complaining. Companies are starting to find me instead of me approaching them, which is really nice. Contracts are being signed, and even though it will take a while for them to come to market, it always feels nice to see some fruit of your labor, no pun intended... I also finally ordered some of my wallpaper, and it came this weekend, so I'll be sharing images of some installed wallpaper soon!