Tiny walls


This is Christiana's apartment. Cute right? She is one of the owners of Hygge & West. I leave out my favorite bags and coats too, just because I like the way they look. There are just not enough times in my life to use a sparkly vintage clutch.

Anyway, I took some photos of the wall in my house that I'm thinking I'll add wallpaper to this weekend, I hope. We hope to rent our house out in the next year or two and buy a new one. The thought of leaving behind wallpaper for a renter who may not appreciate gold florals hurts my heart a little, so i picked the tiniest wall, and I am hoarding the rest for a while longer. This tiny wall used to be a built in bookshelf when we moved in. When we turned our attic into a master suite, all the plumbing (or electrical? I can't remember) had to go down a cavity in that space to the basement. So now it is just a small wall you pass going from the kitchen to the rest of the house. I took photos of the different options of wallpaper to go there...

This wall is an inch wider than the wallpaper, an inch. Sad, but oh well. Also, I'm going to cover up that breaker box with a painting. Hopefully this weekend I'll have a new photo to share of a wallpapered wall!