On spilling the beans...


I am not always a good secret keeper. If you tell me a secret and say, "don't repeat this to anyone!" I certainly never will repeat it, BUT it will take concentration. I will think about it a lot, reminding myself that I can't say a word. By nature I am a bit of a worrier, obviously. I'm relieved when the news is out because then the burden is gone. I'm working on a few REALLY fun things right now, but I can't talk about them yet, and it is so difficult for me! All I want to do is post pictures and talk about it. The one thing that is up to me to talk about is my website. Soon, it will be fresh and new. I took some photos today for it, and Lula photo-bombed once again. I couldn't get her to move, and now I have tons of out-takes of her posing in front of my set-up. I probably should wait to unveil everything else that has been photographed until the website is finished. So, just know that new things are coming! 

Oh, and let me give credit where credit is do; I was totally inspired by Hygge & West's styling of wallpaper in baskets. That reminds me, one piece of news I can share (because they've already mentioned it on their blog) is that new removable peel and stick wallpaper is going to debut soon at H&W. I've seen samples and it is so cool, and the possibilities are endless. 

Anyway, Thanks for following along :)