Any advice for a 2D girl in a 3D world?


One of my hardest classes at SCAD was a foundation class called 3D Design. It was my first or second quarter there, and this class just drove me insane with worry. It seriously frightened me. Maybe I couldn't handle art school. Maybe I'd just been delusional in little old Merritt Island, thinking I could handle these conceptual classes once I got to college. My roommate and I took the class together, thank goodness. She was much better at making a pleasing three dimensional form out of planes of paper taped together. Hers actually looked pretty, as opposed to mine that just looked like... paper taped together. The final was on Tybee Island at the beach. In groups we had designed kites that had to fly for a certain amount of time and meet all these other qualifications. None of the kites flew. I remember going home at the end of that quarter exhausted from the anxiety of that paper kite. Thankfully, my classes were soon all two dimensional again, and so it all got a lot easier, kind of. Ha.

Now, like then, I design two dimensional things like fabric, wallpaper and greeting cards. Meanwhile my husband, an industrial designer, creates things like power tools, bed bug detectors and medical devices. Joseph would have loved that 3D class, and been awesome at making that [dumb] kite. He has wanted a 3D printer forever, and he finally bought one last week. It will be here soon, and for the life of me, I just can't think of anything I'd like to make. I think in 2D, in patterns and drawings. What can I make that could incorporate patterns? If anyone has any suggestions, I'd love to hear! Maybe it will help me overcome the anxiety of designing in three dimensions :)