New Removable Wallpaper Tiles from Hygge & West!

(Garden wallpaper from Hygge & West)

Removable Wallpaper is here! It's very exciting. Hygge & West just launched the new tiles, and it is such a fantastic idea. I'm excited for H&W in general, but also for all of us wallpaper lovers! I'm (ridiculously) not always on board for new technological advancements. "What was so wrong with the old way," the lazy learner in me laments, and, "I just figured out this new perspective tool in Photoshop and here comes CS6." That said, peel and stick wallpaper is, duh, just awesome. The fuchsia colorway of my Garden design (above) was a sample we tried last year for the first run of screen printed traditional wallpaper sampling. It was ok, not my favorite of all the options because the beautiful very slight smudginess that comes from screenprinting on traditional paper works with some colors and not with others. The crispness of the design is perfect on this removable paper, and now the design can handle the bright fuchsia color. It's so cool to see that this colorway is included in the new product line. Here are all the colors available in the Garden design, and you can see all the new removable wallpaper options from Hygge & West right here.