A Fresh Sail

When I published the new website, I mentioned I'd finally be be able to announce some new licensing product launches, and I am so glad to be able to spill the (some of the) beans. It is so fun to find a company that loves your work and wants to partner with you, and the first of my new licensing partners to announce is Anthology Fabrics! 


The children's fabric collection is called A Fresh Sail, and let me tell you, this collection has been rolling around in my head for a long time. Want some proof?

Yep, that's a me, drawing sailboats, age 8. My mom gave me some of my childhood photos a few years ago, and every one is either me in a boat, coloring, or doing cartwheels. I'm pretty sure my first memory is flipping over and out of a little Sunfish Sailboat with my dad when I was around three. Every weekend was spent out in the ocean, and it was a pretty fantastic way to grow up, even if, as you can see, I've never been a fan of flopping fish. I don't think I've ever taken a fish off a hook, thanks Dad!

When I quit my full time design job a year and a half ago, I wanted to design wallpaper and fabric. I feel so fortunate that both of those have happened, and continue to happen! One place A Fresh Sail will be available in October is Hawthorne Threads. Seeing my name listed with so many designers I admire on the Designers page was a little scary at first and humbling too. Anna Maria Horner, Amy Butler, and Heather Ross are super-heros in my book. It's also great to see that my SCAD Fibers friend Sarah Watson's collection is sold there too. It's all been really fun to watch it all come together. Thanks for following along, and I hope you like the new collection!

P.S. Apartment Therapy feature?! Wow, ok!