Yes, please, let's go to Paris

Maison d'Objet is in full swing just outside of Paris this week, and I'm wishing I was there.


Maison d'Objet is France's home and gift show. It's kind of like Fashion Week for the home and gift markets, and it's amazing. I was there a few years ago on a work inspiration trip with my coworker and good friend Libby, so it was pretty much the best work trip ever. Work trips can be the worst, even if you're in fantastic places. It's all about who you are traveling with, and how hard they work you. I lucked out on this one.

When I saw Apartment Therapy's feature this morning, I pulled up the photos from my trip for a little inspiration. You can't take photos inside the show, but there is plenty of design to soak up and snap away freely at in the city, of course... 

I've been home all Summer, but Fall is full of lots of travel for us to some of our favorite cities with some of our favorite people. It won't be Paris, but it will be inspiring for sure.