An uninteded absence

Well hello! It's been quite a while since I have dropped by the blog. I've been out of sorts; completely side-lined by a bad back injury. I'm finally feeling a bit better thanks to a lot of medicine and physical therapy and time, thank the Lord. It's been rough. I'm feeling better just in time to enjoy the fruit of launching a new product line that has been in the works for about two years. Just a few weeks ago I thought I wouldn't be able to be an active participant in the launch or in much of life moving forward... forever. Coming to terms with my new normal seemed the wise thing to start doing, so I am overwhelmed with gratitude and frankly in a bit of shock to finally be feeling better. God is so faithful, and this has felt even more true to me in the darkest times. 

Despite the quiet on the blog, I've been slowly working, sending out orders, trying to keep up with Lucie, and counting my blessings. I'll be doing that until the end of March when I'll be back with the new product announcement! Here is a little sneak peak of Lucie and I with one of the first products that will be coming out, taken by my friend the super stylish and talented photographer Danielle Hulsey.