Coco + Kelley feature


I love this round up coco+kelley posted yesterday featuring the Garden wallpaper! Did you know that Pantone's color of the year is Emerald? The last few years of colors have all been favorites of mine. Bright Honeysuckle pink, a bright coraly orange color called Tangerine Tango, and now a bright fresh green. (Side note: Lilly Pulitzer must be LOVING the last three years of predictions too. Those colors make up at least half of the patterns they make!) It really is an important decision because designers, buyers, everybody involved, pays attention to what Pantone predicts. Every year that I was involved in trendspotting color direction for the season or year, we always included Pantone's top pick somewhere, if not in multiple color stories. Presentations are made, swatches are dyed, samples are ordered and a year later it is in store near you. Ok, I think I'll go start on something new and emerald hued. Check out coco+kelley for the full post featuring my wallpaper!

Print & Pattern Feature

Have I mentioned that it feels really surreal to see your work on a blog you've been a fan of for years? Yesterday some of my work was posted on Print & Pattern, which describes itself as "a website that celebrates the world of surface pattern design." Print & Pattern is my favorite surface design blog, and I believe one of, if not the first. It's definitely the best! Thanks bowie style!


Style Court feature

This was so fun guys. Atlanta blogger Courtney at Style Court writes about lots of textiles and artists, and she featured me on her blog yesterday. She interviewed me about being a SCAD Fibers alumni and showcased the Garden wallpaper. I get lots of questions from other designers and students I meet about my past jobs and my experience attending art school, and I am always asking designers the same questions about their experiences. It is so interesting how people get into pattern design; I actually have met quite a few Scientific Illustration majors from UGA who now are textile or pattern designers. I love her photos of camellias that she included in her post too. Thanks for having me over at Style Court, Courtney!

(Courtney's own photos)