A byproduct

Sometimes I get a request for new artwork for a specific need from an existing client. Sometimes my agent mentions something a prospective client has requested to see. Both of those happened in the last two weeks, and now my desktop is full of lots of miscellaneous new work. It seems like a lot of surface designers create a new cohesive line each season, but my work process is a bit all over the place because of these requests. A year and some change after becoming a full time independent designer, this whole existence and process still makes me scratch my head pretty often. Am I doing this the most efficient way? What am I even going to do today? Should I be spending more time creating artwork that only fits a specific look aka "a brand" for myself, or should I just keep creating what people are asking to see and hope it all looks pretty together? I'm still figuring it all out. Today I decided I needed to put together some collections expanding on some of the work I did recently, the work all over my desktop. I just made a collection I liked, in a colorway I liked, not because it was the most sellable or I thought someone in particular would like it. It made me glad to make something I wanted to draw, not a self-imposed food drawing challenge (never again!) or a request. It was a break, and I needed it! Oh, and if you have any work-flow ideas, let me know. I think I need that too.

Working Away

It's cold and blustery in Georgia today. I am glad to be inside drawing. This is a fall colorway of a floral I've been working on for the past two days, and I'm thinking of making a print or two of it on watercolor paper. I'm also thinking I need a cup of coffee and a blanket. Hope you're staying warm, wherever you are.