Dwell feature + more

Hey look, the Carved Ogee wallpaper is featured in Dwell this month! So very cool. Seeing things in print just does not get old. Speaking of magazines, Hygge & West has an ad in Anthology this month featuring the polka dot wallpaper in burgundy. I love the styled shot they used for the ad a lot. We drove in to the choas of amazing shopping that is Atlanta just this weekend, but I didn't get to hit up Anthropologie, where Anthology is sold. A travesty, I know. If I could live in a small college town and have an Anthro, I would be a very happy girl. Oh, and the beach, and all my friends and family, and my church in the same place too. Maybe too much to ask for :)

Oh, and Hygge & West's bog, Picnics under the Moon, explained a bit more about the issue if you'd like to see that too.

Here's the scoop: the story behind the wallpaper

We're undergoing a week's worth of construction at Casa Pruitt, and I hope it is the last serious construction EVER! The corgis seem stressed, and so am I, my friends, so am I. Let's distract ourselves, shall we? I thought it would be fun to give you some details concerning the wallpapers that just launched (yay!) at Hygge and West. Garden is above, and it is my favorite. I gathered flowers and berries from my neighborhood, Normaltown, while on a walk and sketched them. I love the delicate lines that were originally my drawn pencil lines. The big flowers are Camellias, which bloom all over Georgia in the Spring. They explode all over dark green bushes, all different shades of pink and red and all at the same time. This one comes in five colorways, and when I finally do install some wallpaper, I will definitely be hanging this one first, probably in the dark cream, gold option. I love the tone on tone. 


My Wallpaper collection with Hygge & West

My first licensed collection has officially launched!!!

That definitely deserved three exclamation points, ha.

It is so fun to see a design become a real life thing, a you-can-buy-it-and-put-it-in-your-house-or-wear-it-product. This is the first time that my name will be attached to a product I designed, and I am beyond excited that it is a wallpaper line. I wrote a list of products that I wanted to design when I became an independent designer, and wallpaper was numero uno. It was also the one thing on the list that I thought would never happen. There are so few companies that make modern wallpaper. What were the chances that I would get to work with one of them? Not very likely. I am so pleased that Hygge & West (numero uno choice in the numero uno category of wallpaper) wanted to work with me! Christiana and Aimee are awesome, and I am feelin pretty lucky today. Check out Hygge & West to see my whole collection, and my friend and fellow SCAD Fibers alumni, Emily Isabella's new collection too. 

(all images from Hygge & West)