Photo Shoot wrap up

We finished up our photo shoot today! We were a bit delayed by my shoulder, but now I am editing photos and breathing a sigh of relief. They look great! Lucy and I both took photos, and I am really happy with how much we finished in just a few hours. I ordered a huge photo cube for close up shots, which worked great until both corgis took turns walking inside of it. Here's Lucy trying it out... 

beforehand, Lucy and I went to our favorite restaurant in Athens, Momma's Boy. It's Southern brunch at it's most amazingness. I love it, plus it gets extra points for having very cool wallpaper inside. Then, halfway through our shoot, my friend Bettina stopped by with chocolate chip cookies. So all in all, it was kind of a perfect day. Thanks Lucy and Bettina, you guys are THE BEST! 

Supper Club Sketching

Supper Club is a girls only gathering once a month that my friends here in Athens started last year. I love seeing what everyone brings to eat. I love seeing people's homes since we switch who hosts the event every month. I love the new friends I've made at Supper Club too. Usually they are friends of friends I've heard of in passing, sometimes for years, but never met in person. Now we are hoping to turn our tradition into a cookbook for ourselves. We have some really talented ladies amongst us, so I think it will be fantastic. I was thinking about how I might contribute pattern-wise, so I sketched some silverware today. Tomorrow I'm going to paint them on watercolor paper, with more detail. I also want to incorporate a lot of different vintage silverware styles. We haven't even brainstormed a look for our book, so maybe we won't even use this idea, but I'm glad I started sketching. Maybe it will turn into a whole collection...

Here's the scoop: the story behind the wallpaper

We're undergoing a week's worth of construction at Casa Pruitt, and I hope it is the last serious construction EVER! The corgis seem stressed, and so am I, my friends, so am I. Let's distract ourselves, shall we? I thought it would be fun to give you some details concerning the wallpapers that just launched (yay!) at Hygge and West. Garden is above, and it is my favorite. I gathered flowers and berries from my neighborhood, Normaltown, while on a walk and sketched them. I love the delicate lines that were originally my drawn pencil lines. The big flowers are Camellias, which bloom all over Georgia in the Spring. They explode all over dark green bushes, all different shades of pink and red and all at the same time. This one comes in five colorways, and when I finally do install some wallpaper, I will definitely be hanging this one first, probably in the dark cream, gold option. I love the tone on tone. 


Working Away

It's cold and blustery in Georgia today. I am glad to be inside drawing. This is a fall colorway of a floral I've been working on for the past two days, and I'm thinking of making a print or two of it on watercolor paper. I'm also thinking I need a cup of coffee and a blanket. Hope you're staying warm, wherever you are.

Fall so far

(New guache painted Bee Pattern)

This Fall has been jam packed with trips to pick apples, a Honey Boo Boo themed birthday party, lots of people over to hold the new puppy, Supper Club, Book Club, and chiminea fires with new friends. I am really grateful for all the fun we've had this first half of the Fall. Usually, as an in-house deisgner, I would have already drawn so much Thanksgiving, Fall and Christmas themed artwork that by the time the seasons actually get here, it would have lost (just a little) of it's excitement. I like getting to enjoy it fresh, along with everyone else nowadays.

P.S. Sometimes I still feel like I need to get up and drive into work, and it has been a whole year since I quit to become a freelancer! it feels like only a month.