Fall so far

(New guache painted Bee Pattern)

This Fall has been jam packed with trips to pick apples, a Honey Boo Boo themed birthday party, lots of people over to hold the new puppy, Supper Club, Book Club, and chiminea fires with new friends. I am really grateful for all the fun we've had this first half of the Fall. Usually, as an in-house deisgner, I would have already drawn so much Thanksgiving, Fall and Christmas themed artwork that by the time the seasons actually get here, it would have lost (just a little) of it's excitement. I like getting to enjoy it fresh, along with everyone else nowadays.

P.S. Sometimes I still feel like I need to get up and drive into work, and it has been a whole year since I quit to become a freelancer! it feels like only a month.


Corgi Hoarder

I am officially a corgi hoarder, following in the footsteps of my mother-in-law and Her Royal Majesty. New puppy Tallulah is spunky and hilarious and Okie loves her. Okie usually fights to the death to keep a toy from our friends' and familes' dogs, but she actually brings them to Tallulah. It's adorable. I really want to commission my friend Camden to paint fancy pet portraits of them in oils, kind of like this duck painting from Amelie, and put them in seriously fancy frames. It would be AMAZING. 


I love these portaits too...



white cat / White Tsubaki Midori Yamada (according to pinterest)

black cat / rosiemusic on Etsy

duck / Amelie

Indie Craft Experience 2012

Last weekend I drove into Atlanta to have some indie craft geek out time with one of my best friends, Megan, at Indie Craft Experience. It was AWESOME. The space was an old mill with beautiful wooden floors and ginourmous windows. These were some of my favorite vendors:

MEG + MILO had the most beautiful hand dyed tops that she sells in her shop. Plus she was so so nice!

I used to work with Lizzie who owns LK CLothing. They make some adorable clothes, ADORABLE, people.

Image found here

I also loved Diament Jewelry so very much. She had the cutest $10 vintage knot rings. When a smaller size comes in, I am snatching it up right away! 

Surtex: Mother of all Shows

Last week was Surtex, the show of all shows for surface design, and I was so glad to be able to show work there with my new artist rep. It was unexpected and a little last minute, but such a great surprise and dream-come-true exciting. I only had a few days to design some new work, and though most of the new patterns were florals (my favorite to draw) I also had nautical on the brain. Joseph and I had been counting down the days until we were to leave on vacation for my friend Paige’s wedding back home in Florida. It was a really fun week, and I think Okie had the most fun out of all of us, as usual. She loves playing in the waves on a little island near my parent’s house. I find that a lot of what I draw, when I push past my first inclination to draw florals or damasks, is related to whatever I am doing in life. When the royal wedding festivities had me glued to the TV, I drew a lot of tea cups and cakes. If the Real Housewives of Anywhere (and everywhere, I watch all of them, let's just be real) start influencing my patterns, I might be in trouble. Deep, deep trouble.