2013 Goals

I hope you had a great Christmas and all around amazing holiday season! We had a relaxing and long stay in Oklahoma. It was really nice to (mostly) unplug and eat our way through seven days of vacation. I don't usually make New Years goals, but this year I think I'll try since I had a nice long week to think about it. Here we go:

Take more photos of everything... except dogs  I find lately that most of my pictures are of my corgis, and not much else. I feel like one day I'll look back and think, "Really? Where are all the people in your life?"

Make a work schedule for myself  Working from home means I am always running errands, cleaning something and talking on the phone when I should just be working. I think all my multi-tasking wastes a bit of time.

Treat people with more grace  We're all human. I need to remember that. 

Step up the Social Media and Marketing I read Amy Flurry's book Recipe for Press and learned so much. Putting all of that information into practice is a full time job though. Maybe my new schedule will find a few spare hours to get some marketing done!

That sounds like a good start to me. I'll leave you with some of the few pictures I took in Oklahoma. Notice that three of four photos include dogs.. so very crazy! Happy new year!