Photo Shoot wrap up

We finished up our photo shoot today! We were a bit delayed by my shoulder, but now I am editing photos and breathing a sigh of relief. They look great! Lucy and I both took photos, and I am really happy with how much we finished in just a few hours. I ordered a huge photo cube for close up shots, which worked great until both corgis took turns walking inside of it. Here's Lucy trying it out... 

beforehand, Lucy and I went to our favorite restaurant in Athens, Momma's Boy. It's Southern brunch at it's most amazingness. I love it, plus it gets extra points for having very cool wallpaper inside. Then, halfway through our shoot, my friend Bettina stopped by with chocolate chip cookies. So all in all, it was kind of a perfect day. Thanks Lucy and Bettina, you guys are THE BEST! 


Today I am busily prepping for a photo shoot with my lovely intern Lucy. She has some photography experiance and a fun personality to boot, so I am excited. Thank God I have her to help because I woke up yesterday with a mostly bum arm. I can barely move it in any direction. Yesterday I was sewing the pillow in the photo above, and I kept forgetting that I can't use my left arm at all. I would cry out each time I reached with my hand to pull the turn the fabric to sew a new side on the machine. Ridiculous! 

I printed the fabric from Spoonflower and made a simple enevelope pillow cover out of it. Here's a photo of the fabric before I cut it.

I was thinking, "What would a pattern for a baby anthropologie look like?" I'm sure they will be launching that brand any day now. Actually now that I think about it, I'm kind of surprised they don't have baby stores yet. Well, here's my spin on that anyway. I'll update soon with photo shoot pics!