Here is the follow-up to the original silverware sketches. I think I like the faster, looser sketches better, maybe? I go back and forth. I painted on textured Strathmore drawing paper because i could not find my watercolor paper anywhere, and I didn't love the texture. Last week I painted my office and moved a ton of stuff around. Apparently I lost a few things in the shuffle too. It might be best to put this away for a while and take a fresh look in a few days or weeks... or until I find the right paper.

Supper Club Sketching

Supper Club is a girls only gathering once a month that my friends here in Athens started last year. I love seeing what everyone brings to eat. I love seeing people's homes since we switch who hosts the event every month. I love the new friends I've made at Supper Club too. Usually they are friends of friends I've heard of in passing, sometimes for years, but never met in person. Now we are hoping to turn our tradition into a cookbook for ourselves. We have some really talented ladies amongst us, so I think it will be fantastic. I was thinking about how I might contribute pattern-wise, so I sketched some silverware today. Tomorrow I'm going to paint them on watercolor paper, with more detail. I also want to incorporate a lot of different vintage silverware styles. We haven't even brainstormed a look for our book, so maybe we won't even use this idea, but I'm glad I started sketching. Maybe it will turn into a whole collection...