Hidden Wallpaper

Do you know what I love the most, pattern-wise, besides a good floral? Seriously, one of my favorite things ever is unexpected pattern, a fun lining in a bag or even a tiny stripe inside the lapel of a shirt. Love it. 

So, when I received some approval samples for my designs for removable wallpaper from Hygge & West, I thought for days about where I could stick the 12" wide  strips. I realized yesterday that they were the perfect size to stick inside my linen cabinet at the top of the stairs. 

I already loved this cabinet. My mom bought it for me as an early Christmas present the last time she was in town. It was a bright primary blue with plastic handles and lots of scuff marks. We snagged it for only $55, and I painted it this warm gray the same afternoon. I added some Hobby Lobby pulls, and finally we had another place to store textiles, ha! We did really need the storage though. Normal town home's are definitely not known for their closet space, and I was spending all my money on hoarding textiles before I even had any furniture as a single lady. People always said how sad my apartment was when they came inside. Not a good thing. Thankfully I soon found a roommate who came with a couch.  

When I was ready to apply the wallpaper, I was so excited at the perfectness of my plan, that I accidentally put BOTH wallpaper pieces on upside down. First of all, I drew this pattern. If anyone in the world should know that this was being installed upside down, it should have been me. Thankfully, the wallpaper really truly is very removable and re-stickable. I left the black side upside down so that the patterns on both sides would be a little different. The print of each colorway is the same section of the pattern. I used a credit card to smooth out the wallpaper tiles, and it was really easy. Too easy, because now I want to put them everywhere!



Dwell feature + more

Hey look, the Carved Ogee wallpaper is featured in Dwell this month! So very cool. Seeing things in print just does not get old. Speaking of magazines, Hygge & West has an ad in Anthology this month featuring the polka dot wallpaper in burgundy. I love the styled shot they used for the ad a lot. We drove in to the choas of amazing shopping that is Atlanta just this weekend, but I didn't get to hit up Anthropologie, where Anthology is sold. A travesty, I know. If I could live in a small college town and have an Anthro, I would be a very happy girl. Oh, and the beach, and all my friends and family, and my church in the same place too. Maybe too much to ask for :)

Oh, and Hygge & West's bog, Picnics under the Moon, explained a bit more about the issue if you'd like to see that too.

Done and Done

We installed some wallpaper this weekend, and it turned out so pretty! I ended up changing my mind and wallpapering the second smallest wall in our house. This space gets better light, and it's more prominent in the house. It took more paper, but you only live once right? (sidebar: Am I maybe the only person ever to YOLO about wallpaper? I'm ok with that) I also changed my mind about which paper to use once I decided on the living room instead of that hallway. I really wanted to use the floral, but it will just have to wait because none of the colorways I have right now would have worked in there, and I just couldn't wait any longer!

Want to see? Let me take you step by step...

First we had to measure and cut two lengths of the paper, which was best left to Joseph, for everyone's sanity...

Then you roll the glue on.


After that you "bookend" it, sticking the paper to itself for a few minutes. Joseph said this was to relax the paper. picture of this a few down Then you start gluing it to the wall, working the air bubbles down and out with a bondo spreader thingie (technical term-ish). This was the fun part. Somehow it is strangely life-fulfilling to spread out the air bubbles while realizing hey, this is going to look nice!


Then you gently clean any stray glue off with a damp sponge. By the way, have you noticed yet that Jos is 6'2 and I am 5'2? I forget I'm so short until I see photos like this or I see myself in the mirror at the gym next to people of normal heights. It's jarring. Anyway...


And then we were finished! TADA! Fun, right? 


Then of course... the obligatory and inevitable baby corgi photo bomb. That girl is all over it.


We followed Blueprint's (rest in peace, you lovely magazine you) instructions, but we really only needed what was printed on the the very succinct Hygge & West label. It wasn't hard to install at all, but I shouldn't even begin to explain if it was difficult or not because my mechanical engineer husband made it look really easy. Once, it took my friend Sarah and I three hours to set up one of those white tents for a craft fair, and it would have taken Joseph twenty minutes, tops. Engineer, I am not, my friends. Thanks for following along. I hope you like the end result! I love it, and I keep finding myself just staring at it's metallic wonderfulness. 

Coco + Kelley feature


I love this round up coco+kelley posted yesterday featuring the Garden wallpaper! Did you know that Pantone's color of the year is Emerald? The last few years of colors have all been favorites of mine. Bright Honeysuckle pink, a bright coraly orange color called Tangerine Tango, and now a bright fresh green. (Side note: Lilly Pulitzer must be LOVING the last three years of predictions too. Those colors make up at least half of the patterns they make!) It really is an important decision because designers, buyers, everybody involved, pays attention to what Pantone predicts. Every year that I was involved in trendspotting color direction for the season or year, we always included Pantone's top pick somewhere, if not in multiple color stories. Presentations are made, swatches are dyed, samples are ordered and a year later it is in store near you. Ok, I think I'll go start on something new and emerald hued. Check out coco+kelley for the full post featuring my wallpaper!

Here's the scoop: the story behind the wallpaper

We're undergoing a week's worth of construction at Casa Pruitt, and I hope it is the last serious construction EVER! The corgis seem stressed, and so am I, my friends, so am I. Let's distract ourselves, shall we? I thought it would be fun to give you some details concerning the wallpapers that just launched (yay!) at Hygge and West. Garden is above, and it is my favorite. I gathered flowers and berries from my neighborhood, Normaltown, while on a walk and sketched them. I love the delicate lines that were originally my drawn pencil lines. The big flowers are Camellias, which bloom all over Georgia in the Spring. They explode all over dark green bushes, all different shades of pink and red and all at the same time. This one comes in five colorways, and when I finally do install some wallpaper, I will definitely be hanging this one first, probably in the dark cream, gold option. I love the tone on tone.