Hidden Wallpaper

Do you know what I love the most, pattern-wise, besides a good floral? Seriously, one of my favorite things ever is unexpected pattern, a fun lining in a bag or even a tiny stripe inside the lapel of a shirt. Love it. 

So, when I received some approval samples for my designs for removable wallpaper from Hygge & West, I thought for days about where I could stick the 12" wide  strips. I realized yesterday that they were the perfect size to stick inside my linen cabinet at the top of the stairs. 

I already loved this cabinet. My mom bought it for me as an early Christmas present the last time she was in town. It was a bright primary blue with plastic handles and lots of scuff marks. We snagged it for only $55, and I painted it this warm gray the same afternoon. I added some Hobby Lobby pulls, and finally we had another place to store textiles, ha! We did really need the storage though. Normal town home's are definitely not known for their closet space, and I was spending all my money on hoarding textiles before I even had any furniture as a single lady. People always said how sad my apartment was when they came inside. Not a good thing. Thankfully I soon found a roommate who came with a couch.  

When I was ready to apply the wallpaper, I was so excited at the perfectness of my plan, that I accidentally put BOTH wallpaper pieces on upside down. First of all, I drew this pattern. If anyone in the world should know that this was being installed upside down, it should have been me. Thankfully, the wallpaper really truly is very removable and re-stickable. I left the black side upside down so that the patterns on both sides would be a little different. The print of each colorway is the same section of the pattern. I used a credit card to smooth out the wallpaper tiles, and it was really easy. Too easy, because now I want to put them everywhere!



Furry Distractions

Corgi wrestling matches can be so distracting to the home office worker... In case you are wondering, there is never a clear winner in these games as far a I can see, but Lula ends every match by riding around on Okie's back like this for 30 seconds or so. I think she is proclaiming victory maybe? Ok, back to work!