Wallpaper in action

Handling an Instagram account last year proved too much for this social-media-shy person. I'm trying to be more plugged in, and as I perusing Hygge & West's Instagram I saw the greatest photos of some of my wallpaper designs in real life actual spaces! You guys, it just never gets old seeing something I designed out in the wild, especially in these GORGEOUS spaces. I definitely need to check in on the interwebs more often!

The Garden wallpaper in an Indian restrurant in Portland, OR

Also, H & W just launched a new colorway of the Carved Ogee paper! It's called Pearl, and I love it! Check out H + W's Instagram to see all the other amazing photos they have!

Back to Work!

Hi there! Well, Lucie is growing and smiling and just being adorable all the time these days. It's been so fulfilling and fun taking care of her all day long. I've just started working again while she sleeps and when Joseph is home to help with her. At first I didn't think it was going to be possible to get anything done, but things are coming together a little better this week. Getting any work done is more slow-going for sure, but I wouldn't have it any other way.

I mentioned before that this Summer I signed with Pink Light Studio licensing agency. I've been a HUGE fan of Mary Beth's group of artists for years, and I am thrilled to be a part of her team. Pink Light just participated in Printsource for the first time this past weekend, and soon we'll be gearing up for Surtex. Hopefully I'll get to share some new work soon!

A Good Excuse

May I introduce the very best excuse for a long absence? 

Baby Lucie was born October 4th at 12:44 am, and has kept us busy and very very happy. The past Summer and Fall was a whirlwind of preparing for her arrival, navigating pregnancy, moving into a new house, renovating a lot of said new house, Joseph launching a new company, and transitioning my work to a new agency. Then she came, almost three weeks early, and the insane work-load we put on ourselves had to (thankfully) grind to halt for a while. We are so grateful for Lucie. God is so good. I'll be getting back to work as soon as I am sleeping a bit more, and I'll be writing about it here. xoxo

Thanks Garden and Gun & My Athens!

Two of my faves just posted about me, and I'm dropping in to say thanks!

My Athens highlights all the local creativeness that seeps out of little Athens, GA. It is kind of amazing how many talented people live here, and I'm very flattered to be mentioned on the My Athens blog where they beautifully document it all. Check it out here if you'd like!  

And Garden and Gun was so kind as to feature me and my Carved Ogee wallpaper for Hygge & West in their Meet the Makers blog post along side the uber-talented designers Anna Bond at Rifle Paper Co and Amanda Talley. I cannot believe my work is on the Garden and Gun blog; it's really exciting!

So, thank you so very much! 

Tea towels at World Market

Last December I doodled some lemons and limes, remember? 

Well, a lovely textile wholesale manufacturer licensed the designs to create tea towels that are now available at World Market! They asked for some more fruit options in a similar look, so I drew some cherries too...

Available  HERE  at World Market

Available HERE at World Market

Available  HERE  at World Market

Available HERE at World Market